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Animal Empath - Spirit Oracle - Energy Healer
Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

I'm So Happy You're Here

As an animal communicator, high empath and healer I'd love to assist you. So If you are looking to connect with your animals, your spirit team or yourself at a deeper level then let's chat!


I'm Marie-Lune

My journey in the realms of energy healing started at a very young age. Highly attuned and a deep feeler I found great comfort in the presence of animals, nature and old souls. Over time It became clear these were my guides revealing themselves, helping me to evolve and develop my always present psychic and empathic abilities.

I've been described as being gentle, maternal, gracious and approachable. I take great pride in sharing the truth clearly and compassionately in a safe and loving environment. I have always believed that gentleness is a very powerful energy and that is how I thrive in showing up for my clients and how I choose to live my life.

It's my heartfelt joy to be in service to animals, healers and feelers. My private sessions, teachings and mentorship programs have helped hundreds on their journey to healing, re-connection, growth and evolution.

Marie-Lune xo

Animal Empath

Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Spirit Oracle

Energy Healer

Image by Todd Steitle

Mentorship & Courses


Marie-Pierre Chaumont

Channeler and Spiritual Teacher


Marie-Lune is amazing! I have met a LOT of healers and channellers and she is the real deal. Over the years, she has done the hard work on herself; that challenging Inner journey essential for healers to be able to help others from a true place of soul alignement. With Marie-Lune there is no agenda, just kindness, a deep connection with Spirits and a passion to help others.

Gareth Phillips

 Healer, Feeler, Mens Coach


Everything Marie-Lune channelled in our sessions continues to come true! She is deeply connected too the divine realms and it the loveliest,,kindest and authentic healer and person Ive ever crossed paths with! I 'HIGHLY' recommend her and refer her to many of my clients. She is the real deal 'Pho Show'.

   Fiona Carmichael 


United Kingdom

I am so grateful I found Marie-Lune, she’s a generous, gifted and pure soul. Amazing!!! She facilitates absolute clarity and direction and I always feel uplifted. Going through a healing process and ascending with this level of support is a true gift. Thank you Marie-Lune for all that you do

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