Level 1 Online Animal Communicator

 Level 1 Online Animal Communicator

 Level 1 Online Animal Communicator

 Level 1 Online Animal Communicator


 Animal Communicator - Beginner Level - In Person

Welcome to your first step towards understanding, connecting and communicating with the animal realm!


 Animal Communicator - Intermediate Level

The Journey Continues...


**Pre-requisite for this class is having completed Beginner level (in-person or online)**​

The beginner level was geared towards your own journey to develop your abilities and start connecting with yourself and the animals in your own lives.


Ready to continue your expansion and growth? Then join me for the next course!


This level focuses on remote communication with animals that are alive and also those that are deceased. We also look at the difference between communicating with pets and communicating with wild animals and learn how to communicate with the latter. You will also be guided through exercises and learn new tools to assist you. 


Many of you have asked for private mentorship and I couldn't be more excited to dive deeper with you on your journey to knowledge and personnal expansion! I absolutely love guiding others and feel so passionate about teaching you! My students have described me as a kind, gentle, patient and relatable teacher who will assist you in healing, transforming and building your best life.

Here are the two programs I offer

Animal Communication and Healing Mentorship Program

This mentorship focuses on developing your abilities in connecting, communicating and healing animals. I will personalize your mentorship, taking you exactly where you are in your development at the moment we meet and then deciding together of your goals and desired outcomes. I will design exercises, teachings and tools tailored to you in order to bring you to your highest and most successful potential. 

Whatever your level I invite you to step into this journey with me! 

Spiritual Expansion Mentorship Program 

If you want to know how to connect with spirit, gain an understanding of your spirituality or learn more about your abilities and develop them further then this mentorship program is for you as it focuses on your own personal spiritual journey. Upon contacting me we will discuss together what you wish to learn and develop, then (with the help of spirit of course wink wink!) I will build a program that will assist you in reaching your goals with ease and grace.  

Let's get excited together about the possibilities!